Using Your Autoresponder to Generate Leads

Autoresponders are one of the most important marketing tools that you can have if you are doing business online. In fact, the
only thing more important that the autoresponder is your opt-in list! But all autoresponders start out without a list – the list doesn’t
exist until your autoresponder mailing list starts filling up with names and email addresses!

The easiest and fastest way to build up an email list is to give things away for free. Some marketers will tell you that this is a
waste of time – and if you already have a list of one hundred thousand people that you can market to, then it probably is. But for
those who do not already have a list, this is the way that it gets built! You simply pay for advertisement to promote your freebie.
Don’t think of this as lost money, think of it as an investment in future earnings.

Give away an ezine, free reports, free ebooks, free access to private websites, or anything else that you can think of. The object is
to get people to sign up to receive that freebie, and to agree to receive email from you in the future! It is a win-win situation for
everyone, but you get more than anyone else in the deal. The person gets a freebie. You get their name and email address, and
permission to email them in the future.

But if you do it right, you get even more than that. The freebie that you give away should also be used to promote your products or
services. Even if it just has affiliate links for products or services that are related to the topic of the freebie, it is a way to generate
extra revenue. Then, when you send email in the future, you can again promote your products or services. Just be sure to include
valuable information in the email as well, or you will have people dropping off of your autoresponder mailing list like flies!

Using every opportunity that is presented to you in the world of Internet Marketing is vital to your success. You have the opportunity
to earn money in the freebie that you create, you have the opportunity to earn money when you send the ‘thank you’ email after a
person has requested your freebie, and you have the opportunity to earn money every time an autoresponder message is sent out
to that list in the future! Don’t waste those opportunities, and put it all in automatic mode with the use of an autoresponder.

Tracking Autoresponder Responses

As an Internet marketer, it is vitally important to
know how well your advertising campaigns are doing.
Advertising campaigns cost a lot of time and money,
and campaigns that are not doing well need to either
be changed or scraped. When using autoresponders
for purposes of Internet marketing, you will be able to
tell how well your autoresponder messages are doing
by using response tracking.

Autoresponder response tracking is usually easily
set up with the higher quality paid autoresponder
services. Using the tracking set up tool, you simply
enter the web site address that you want your
readers to visit, and the software generates a brand
new URL. This URL is used track the number of
clicks that you have from the autoresponder message
to the website that you are promoting.

When a person clicks on that special URL, the click
is captured, and they are automatically redirected to
the website that you intended them to arrive at. The
visitor does not know that they have been redirected
in most cases. You can monitor the results
through the control panel of your autoresponder
service account. The control panel will tell you how
many messages were delivered, and how many
clicks were received. Most quality autoresponders
will even include a feature that allows you to track
how many of the emails were opened. This is a
great marketing research tool for mass email marketing.

Not all autoresponder services offer tracking abilities
such as this. If tracking is important to you, you
need to make sure that this is one of the features of
the autoresponder service before you sign up. This
feature gives you the ability to know whether the
message you are sending out is effective, or if
changes need to be made. It also allows you to
see if the sales copy on your website is effective, in
a ‘round-about’ way. For instance, if you are getting
thousands of clicks from the autoresponder
message, but very few clicks from the sales page
to the order page, you know that the
autoresponder message is working, but the sales
copy is failing.

If you have never tracked your autoresponder
responses before, you should definitely consider it.
Again, this information allows you to find out what is
working, and what is not working. It will essentially
make your autoresponder marketing much more
effective and profitable. You will most likely be very
surprised at the results of the tracking!

The Difference Between Autoresponder Programs and Autoresponder Services

Many newcomers to the Internet marketing arena are not aware that there is a vast difference between an autoresponder program
and an autoresponder service. Not knowing the difference, they often purchase the wrong type of autoresponder, and find out too
late that they have wasted money on a program that is useless to them.

An autoresponder program is a program that is set up on your web server. This is usually a free autoresponder that comes with
your web hosting account. Many people don’t like to use autoresponder services; so instead, they use an autoresponder program
that they have more control over. Some of those people don’t like the autoresponder programs that come with their hosting
accounts either and purchase autoresponder programs or scripts that must be installed on their web server.

Other people are quite happy with using an autoresponder service. This is a service that is usually paid for on a monthly or yearly
basis. The fees are ongoing, and everything is browser based. In other words, you can set up your autoresponder messages and
manage your opt-in list through your web browser – just as you can with an autoresponder program that is installed through your
web hosting account. The difference is that the service runs on the autoresponder service’s web server – not yours or your web

Beginners are usually better off using an autoresponder service. These services are very easy to understand and to use, and no
technical knowledge is needed to set things up. As a newcomer to the field, however, you might be concerned about the costs of
an autoresponder service. If this is the case, you have the option of signing up with a free autoresponder service.

Free services make their money by placing advertisements in each autoresponder message that you send out. Sometimes these
ads appear at the top of your messages, and sometimes they appear at the bottom. Some of the free services are simply an
enticement to purchase the professional version, and have many of the more advanced features, such as tracking, disabled.

More advanced users often choose to use autoresponder programs, simply because they have more control over the autoresponder,
and they don’t have to follow some of the stiffer rules imposed by autoresponder services, such as sending confirmation to each and
every person who is entered into the autoresponders list.

The autoresponder that you choose is strictly up to you, but in most cases, an autoresponder service should suit your needs. If
you are unsure, look for a service that offers free signups, with the option of upgrading to the professional paid version at a later