Powerful Autoresponders – Does Yours Measure Up?

Autoresponders are very necessary when it comes
to marketing or taking care of customers. But the
power of an autoresponder, or the lack of power,
can mean the difference between success and

When you use an autoresponder service, you must
make sure that the domain that the autoresponder
uses isn’t blacklisted by the spam watch groups. If
it is, your messages probably won’t make it past
the majority of spam filters, no matter how much
you check it with spam checkers.

Also, not having the ability to track responses can
cost you business. If you can’t track response rates,
you won’t have any way of knowing whether your
messages are doing you any good. A good
autoresponder will provide the ability to track
responses. If yours doesn’t, you might want to shop
for a new autoresponder.

The ability to add and remove names to your
autoresponder manually is vital. Often, people will
contact you without going through your
autoresponder. These people need to be put on the
autoresponders mailing list. If you are moving your
list from one service to another, you need the ability
to import names and addresses to your list. Again,
if your autoresponder service isn’t powerful enough
to allow this, look for a different one!

Personalizing Autoresponders

Have you ever walked into a store in your town, and
been addressed by name? This has probably
happened to you at stores that you frequent often.
The shop owner knows your name, and uses it. He
remembers you, and he wants you to know that he
cared enough about you and your business to
remember you. In the offline world, this is just one
aspect of customer support.

Customer service like this is almost impossible to
achieve on the Internet, but some semblance of it
can exist when you personalize your autoresponder
messages. Autoresponder messages can be set up
to address people by their first or last name – or both.
In fact, there is quite a bit of personalized information
that can be added, depending on the autoresponder
that you are using.

The information is included in the autoresponder
messages by using codes. Each autoresponder will
use different codes to insert the information in your
messages. You simply write your message, and put
the codes where you want the personalized
information to appear. For instance, your message
may start out with ‘Hello (code for first name)! In this
case, the person’s first name will be inserted where
that code is.

Personalizing your autoresponder messages will
most likely improve your response rate. Research
has shown that emails that are personalized with the
person’s first name are opened more often, and
those people are generally more receptive to the
contents of the email message. It is usually very
easy to do. You write one message, using the
codes where you want the personalization,
then, no matter who that one email is sent out to,
their personal information will appear where the
codes are.

Of course, the autoresponder must collect the
information first. This is done with the use of forms
that activate the autoresponder. For instance, if you
are giving away a free ebook, and you have your
visitor fill out a form with their email address to receive
the download instructions for the ebook by email, that
form should collect any type of information that you
want for personalization – such as a first name, as
well as the email address. If that information is not
collected, the autoresponder won’t have anything to
insert where that code appears in your messages!

Take a look around the control panel of your
autoresponder, and find out what type of
personalization you can add to your autoresponder
messages. You may be very surprised at the
improved results!

Motivate Your Downline with Autoresponders

Many affiliate marketers have a hard time building a
downline – and an even harder time keeping downline
members motivated and selling. If your income
depends on the sales of others, you should strongly
consider keeping them motivated with

You can load your autoresponder with positive
messages, sales tips, and news related to the
product or service that is being sold. Many affiliates
fail simply because they don’t know how to market a
product, and they have little or no support from affiliate
managers or up line members! With the use of
autoresponders, all of that can change.

You should definitely write on some marketing tips,
specific to your product or service, and set you
downline members up in the mailing list for that
series of messages. Send broadcast messages
once a month congratulating the top sellers. Send
short motivational articles that will keep your
downline member upbeat.

Failing to communicate with your downline members
is the same as ensuring that they fail at the
business in most cases. If you want to succeed in
affiliate marketing, you have to take steps to help
your downline succeed!